Prostitutes fake virginity to boost income

Prostitutes fake virginity to boost income

Prostitutes in Taiwan have resorted to buying pints of blood from underground clinics to fake their virginity and boost their income.

Kwong Wah Yit Poh reported that the prostitutes converted the blood into droplets and inserted it into their vagina to fake their virginity for unsuspecting clients.

Quoting a report by Taiwans Apple Daily, it said there were at least four clinics which were selling the blood for NT$300 (RM30) per packet in Taipei.

A female sex worker who had been working for more than a year confessed that her earnings increased tremendously from NT$6,000 (RM600) to NT$30,000 (RM3,000) per night after she faked her virginity with the blood.

But local health authorities slammed it, saying injecting HIV-tainted blood could cause infections.

> The daily also reported that a secondary schoolgirl from Anhui, China was sexually assaulted by a male friend and thrown into a well twice.
The girl, known as Sun, was walking home alone after finishing her study class at 10pm last Tuesday when she met a male friend, Lee, on his motorcycle.

Lee invited her for a ride around the city and she obliged without suspecting anything amiss.

However, Lee took her to an empty land and sexually assaulted her before pushing her into a well nearby.

An injured Sun, however, managed to climb out using the steel handle inside the well.

But Lee returned and checked on Sun and sexually assaulted her again.

He also stabbed her in her neck using a knife before throwing her into the well for the second time.

Sun managed to climb out again and sought help from the villagers who alerted the local police.

It was reported that Lee was released from prison last year after spending eight years inside for robbery.

He has been arrested for rape and attempted murder.

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