“My In-Laws Are After Me Over Government Money” – Mother Of Stowaway Kid

“My In-Laws Are After Me Over Government Money” – Mother Of Stowaway Kid

13-year-old Daniel Oikhena has become popular and luck definitely has smiled on him probably not what he bargained for, all thanks to the attention he has been getting after he was caught hiding in tyre hole of Arik plane on the 24th of August.

Governor Adams Oshiomhole who had a interview with the boy & meeting with the boy’s family discovered the boy wasn’t a threat but as a matter of fact intelligent, this prompted him into directing Women Affairs Ministry to take over his training in order to afford Daniel the opportunity to realize his life’s ambition.

Daniel’s mother Evelyn had said the son wanted to fly a plane to America as a pilot.

Daniel went back to school on Monday, 16 September after he was examined by doctors and a psychologist and was found to be sound. Seeing the boy now is more difficult than seeing a governor as a result of the security men around him. This is because the state government had taken up the responsibility to ensure that he gets good education. Efforts to meet him to find out how he was preparing to go back to school were frustrated by the security around him.

The mother, Evelyn is also not left out , according to her “It is even difficult for me to see him some times because he is undergoing some training and that is being taken care of by the state government. I no longer have powers over him. It was even recently that I was able to see him. They decided to allow me see him because they were preparing him to go back to school. The only thing I can say now is that the father and his people are bothering my life. They think the state government gave me money and, rather than think about the welfare of the boy, they think it is all about money. They accused me of saying my husband was sick or was even dead but I never said all that and God knows”.

But I thank God for his mercy and that is why it is painful, rather for the father to be grateful to God that the son survived in that aircraft, all they have been accusing me is money from government. I am just saying it because if anything happens to me, they should be held responsible since they want to kill me for something I know nothing about. Right from day one, I have been running up and down about Daniel’s matter, none of them cared about what I went through with my children. My daughters are supposed to have gone back to school now but due to no money they have not gone back. Their father does not care about that and it is very sad really”.

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