Malaysia Ridzuan Condo Management Give All Nigerians 3 Months Notice To Pack Out

Malaysia Ridzuan Condo Management Give All Nigerians 3 Months Notice To Pack Out

MALAYSIA KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 28 — The management committee of Ridzuan Condominium in Bandar Sri Subang has come out in defence of its decision to impose an occupancy ban on Africans.

A committee member from the condominium management team, who wished to remain anonymous, said the move should not be regarded as racist as it was taken to “maintain the value of the condominium”.

He also denied that the occupancy ban was discriminatory or derogatory.

“We have proof of the nuisance created by the Africans. Numerous police reports have been made against the foreigners as they are creating a lot of problems for the other residents,” he said.
“Police have raided a few units and arrested some of them for drug possession.”

However, he said the drug peddlers were still in the building, which forced the management to take drastic measures.

“As the committee, we are merely carrying out our duties to protect the interests of residents. We do not want young children living here to grow up in these kind of surroundings.”

“All these factors were taken into consideration during the AGM and the majority of residents voted against renting out units to Africans,” he added.

The Malay Mail had highlighted the issue after a memo circulated to residents made its rounds on Facebook.

According to the memo, African tenants have been given three months to vacate their units.

At a condominium in Bandar Sri Subang, a blanket ban has been imposed on anyone from the African continent living in the building – with existing African tenants having 3 months to find a new home. KiniTV spoke to tenants who back the ban as well as an affected Nigerian resident who says the problems in the condo could’ve been handled by the security – except they’re being paid off. We also found out another condo in the area has the same “no African” ban.

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One comment on “Malaysia Ridzuan Condo Management Give All Nigerians 3 Months Notice To Pack Out

  1. If all these were true about Africans then be honest enough to state the peace you find when they are all moved out from the condo. You probably will not you lying bastards. Africans are proud and God blessed people, where they survive you will not live a day to tell. We are building back our home, we have not come to grow old here. You give us nothing but we give you. Long Live Africa!!!!!!

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