African orphans and monks move crowd to tears

African orphans and monks move crowd to tears

BATU PAHAT: Twenty-nine African orphans and monks received a big round of applause when they went on stage recently for their “Spread the Seeds of Love Cultural Exchange Tour 2013”.

The troupe from Malawi and Lesotho impressed some 2,400-strong audience with their talents on stage at Grand Seaview Restaurant.

Besides kung fu moves, the members sang Hokkien, Mandarin and Malay songs, recited the Three Character Classic, San Zi Jing, as well as performed their own African cultural dances.

Many audiences were moved to tears when they acted out a true story about a young boy begging for food for his sick mother and trying to drag his mother’s body home after she died.

The boys and girls, aged between five and 17, have been through hardship and poverty after losing their parents or being abandoned before they are taken into the care of the Amitofo Care Centre (ACC) in Malawi that was established in 2003.

The members of ACC accompanied by its founder Venerable Hui Li are on a global tour to various countries including Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Malaysia to express gratitude to sponsors of the ACA.

Event organising chairman Lim Poh Teot said he was glad to see an overwhelming response from the people of Batu Pahat for the African children.

“Besides bringing us the best performances, the children’s experience of hardship and suffering reminded us of how fortunate we are.

“We always encourage parents to watch these performances with their children in order for them to understand the pain and suffering faced by children especially those living in the poor African countries,” he said.

Lim also thanked the audiences and members of the public for the generosity in raising funds for ACC before presenting a cheque for RM288,888 to ACC Malaysia.

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