Surgeons Remove Fork From 70-Year-Old’s Penis

Surgeons Remove Fork From 70-Year-Old’s Penis

A 70-year-old man has had a 4-inch fork removed from his penis after it became lodged there during a sexual act, it has been revealed.

The unfortunate incident in Australia was described in a recent medical journal by three surgeons who operated on the man to remove the kitchen utensil. They talked about how the pensioner had come to the hospital for help after getting the piece of cutlery stuck when using it to achieve sexual climax.

They eventually managed to retrieve the object after using a large amount of lubrication and forceps, while the man was given a general anaesthetic.

As well as detailing the incident with the fork, the An Unusual Urethral Foreign Body paper also talked about other objects that had been retrieved from bodies, including toothbrushes, pencils and light bulbs.

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