Man writes, “I love you all very much! Please forgive me”, then jumps to his death

jumpmanloveKUCHING: A man leapt to his death from the viewing tower of one of the city’s landmarks, the Kuching Civic Centre, yesterday.

Reportedly unable to stand life’s stress any longer, the 44-year-old ended his life at 12.19pm.

Before it happened, a security guard, Luni Nujek, 53, who was doing his rounds on the third floor, saw the man standing on the edge of the balcony.

Suspecting that something was amiss, Luni tried to persuade him not to do anything foolish.

“He did not say a word no matter how much I talked to him,” said Luni.

Paramedics who rushed to the place pronounced the man dead on the spot.

The police found a suicide letter in the deceased’s Perodua Kembara parked nearby.

The heart-wrenching letter contains information about his parents, siblings, wife and two sons, including his home address with an all-caps note that reads: “I love you all very much! Please forgive me.”

The man wrote that he was under a lot of stress and could not bear it any longer.

He asked his siblings to arrange for his car to be passed to his mother.

He also wrote that what he had done was not his wife and children’s fault, and asked his family to pray for him and forgive him so he could rest in peace.

Forensics police examining the body found slash marks on both wrists.

Kuching deputy police chief Supt Abang Ahmad Abang Julai, when contacted, confirmed the incident, saying that the family members had been notified and that the body had been brought to Sarawak General Hospital for autopsy.

The deceased’s was the fifth suicide jump at Kuching Civic Centre.

The one immediately before that happened in Feb 25, 2010 when a man in his late 40s jumped from the same spot.

Passers-by saw the man’s body on the garden grounds around 3.20pm and alerted the building security guard.

The tower has four levels with a height roughly equivalent to that of an eight-storey building.

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