TWO CHILDREN STRANGLED BY ESCAPED AFRICAN ROCK PYTHON - images (2)j images (11) images (12) images (13)

New Brunswick police officials have launched a criminal investigation onto the deaths of two young boys killed by a python that reportedly escaped from a reptile store.

However, police say it is too early to determine proper charges that will be laid.

Two young children known as Noah Barthe, five, and his brother Connor, seven were found dead in an apartment located above a reptile store in New Brunswick, Canada, on Monday.

It is believed that the non-venomous African rock Phyton strangled them after escaping from its enclosure overnight and travelled through the ventilation making its way into the boys room.

The brothers, were sleeping over with the son of Jean-Claude Savoie, owner of the Reptile Ocean exotic pet store.

However, it is unsure whether the boys were asleep when they were attacked by the snake.

Police have taken custody of the snake, which was later recovered by the store owner.

The African Phyton is native to sub-saharan Africa and known to swallow whole antelopes in the wild.

Lisa Janes, a co-owner and curator of Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo, said that snakes can be aggressive, but it’s usually for protection or the smell of food.

Both brothers might have had chicken for dinner hence smelling like one causing the snake to have mistook the child for food.

An autopsy on the boys was planned for Tuesday.

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