Godogodo: Police arrest armourer, stolen goods receiver in Ekiti

Godogodo: Police arrest armourer, stolen goods receiver in Ekiti

LAGOS — Operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, are said to have arrested the mother of a gang member, who also served as the amourer to the group led by the notorious one-eyed robbery kingpin, Abiodun Ogunjobi, aka Godogodo, arrested in Lagos, last week She was said to be the keeper of the rifles they used in raiding banks in Osun, Ekiti and Ondo states. Also nabbed, yesterday, was the key receiver of goods stolen by the gang. The arrest resulted from the deployment of operatives to some South-Western states to track down members of the gang. According to a usually reliable source, “all the suspects are now in custody and we are bringing them to Lagos. “Godogodo confessed that Odun’s mother was the one keeping their arms in Ekiti and we have arrested her. He also gave us the details of the man who received their stolen goods including gold jewellery also in Ekiti.” Victims storm police headquarters Meantime, at press time, some of the victims who survived Godogodo’s gruesome robbery attacks in Lagos State, were at the police headquarters in Ikeja to state their cases. Some of the victims told Vanguard that they were grateful that the law finally caught up with Godogodo. Also, the Ogun State Police command has refuted claims by the notorious South-West robbery czar, that he was arrested and incarcerated for a minor crime of fighting in 1999 which made him to spend seven years in prison. Godogodo nabbed in 1999 for robbery, murder Sources from the Ogun State command told Vanguard, yesterday, that Godogodo was actually arrested in 1999 for robbery and murder, adding that he was charged to an Abeokuta court which remanded him. The source at the Ogun State Criminal Investigation Department, Eleweran, also told Vanguard that Godogodo spent less than the time he claimed in the prison in Ogun State, where he was remanded. The source said: “He was arrested for robbery and murder and not fighting as he claimed when he was interviewed. “Our records showed that Godogodo was never arrested for fighting, rather he was arrested for a more heinous crime and I doubt if he spent up to seven years in prison. “He got bail few months after his arrest and he jumped bail afterwards. As I speak with you, the command’s legal department is investigating how Godogodo got his bail.” (39)

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