Video Angry Nigerian Citizens Vandalizing Embassy In Senegal For Death Of Their Friend

Just like the case of Solomon okolo in Malaysia who was killed by Malaysia and the Nigeria embassy took it low and nothing was done to them but it want the other way round in Senegal as Nigerians in Senegal are Vandalizing Nigerian Embassy in Senegal for failing to help them get the body of a deceased friend.I think that is not good enough reason the reck such havoc Watch the video and let me know what you think.
Below is a Testimony by an eye witness……
“The wickedness and negligence of duty of our so called ambassadors in some part of the world is becoming unbearable.
Last time it was Thailand followed by that of Malaysia and our so called ambassadors will fold their hands and watch their citizens butchered, perish and humiliated.
Here in Senegal a Nigerian man was killed in a taxi by some Senegalese, when the man was about to die they pushed him out of taxi in front of a popular Nigerian church here called Church of Bethlehem, though the Culprits have been apprehended and our embassy and Senegalese police took the corpse to mortuary.
After the case we arranged with our embassy for the burial in which they told us to contribute some money for burial ground payment where he will be buried, which we did and also bought a coffin, but when we came to the mortuary to carry the corpse on Monday 4th march 2013 we discovered that the corpse was missing and they could not even give us a good account on what happen to it, they went ahead to tell us that there is no corpse like that in the mortuary.
When we contacted our embassy, to know what happen to the corpse they took to mortuary, they told us that they knew nothing about it and even show no concern.”

By tmediablog

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