The Yoruba community Malaysia (YCM) is not getting smaller as new faces keep showing up to identify themselves to show love interest and support to the YCM and also complimenting the effort of the YCM, account of the then Yoruba association that want off track was given by the treasure who made it clear that some money was borrowed by some members which they did not pay back till date, the president told the house that they will do everything possible to get back every money borrowed back to the account of the YCM
There was an open election today to keep away late coming which we can also call African man time, the president listed out his plans on how to keep the benefit of the YCM going happily for all active members while two advisers was elected to grid the executive , in his speech he said that anybody who gives birth to a new baby will receive a cash amount of RM200 and if any member is hospitalize that person will be supported with RM200 and if any member dies his next of kin will be given RM5,000, but from the open house some of the members want against the amount of the money and add up to it which with underrating and open vote conducted by the president for the case of a new baby it want from RM200 to RM1000 and If any member is seek that person will be given RM2000, and they also talked about creating facebook account /blog or web site which is been looking into right now .
The president today came along with food and a cake to mark his birthday after the closing of today’s meeting and chief dele awe was called upon to conduct the birthday party ,prayers was made in both Christian and Islam ..LIVE VIDEO WILL UP UP SHORTLY..TMEDIA

By tmediablog

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