Today 28th April 28, 2013 a call for growth and more unity was called among the Yoruba speaking people in Malaysia and this was recorded as the 3rd meeting after the first Yoruba association failed as result of divided mind and among most of the people in the association some years back.
The today’s meeting was a room of general interaction of a solid way forward of unity and underrating among the Yoruba people in Malaysia while addressing the meeting they also said if the Yoruba can understand themselves and other tribes do same there will be a better image of Nigeria in Malaysia as we can move in one direction, everybody who was present was given chance to say what they think about the new Yoruba association that has just started, after all said and done they all agreed on having temporary executive that will be the foot print of the association mr bashorun the vice president of NIDO-MY who was the man standing in front today played the role of ince by conducting an open election for the post of president, vice president, treasurer, secretary and chief whip which was conducted peacefully and mr Adekola Adediran as president mr adewunmi Aderemi vice president Mr Vicky treasurer and Mr Nicolas as the secretary and it was said that their inoguration will be on the nest meeting and people who contributed in words on how to keep the association strong and functioning just to name few mr bashorun, chife dele awe, mr adekola, mr onayemi, mr adewunmi mr dediran and more the meeting was adjoined by mr bashorun after the welcome speech of the president ….video update will be up soon thank TMEDIA.

By tmediablog

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