Workers Rejoice As Aero Contractors Sacks HR Director

Workers Rejoice As Aero Contractors Sacks HR Director

Director, Human Resources and Corporate Services, Mrs. Tope Fagbemi has been sacked, a development that threw workers of the airline into a celebration mood.
Workers had called for the sack of Fagbemi, whom they considered the architect of the harsh policies that led to the protests that grounded Aero Contractors between 13 and 29 of March.
“They have now come to understand what we were saying about her from the beginning. She wanted to kill the airline. We are so happy she’s gone now. Others will follow her,” Motajo Abdukareen, Acting General Secretary of the National Union of Air Transport Employees, NUATE said.
Her sack gladdened workers so much they held a party at the Lagos airport, singing, eating, drinking and dancing.

“No one will come and kill Aero. We built it with our sweat. No one can come and kill our airline,” a worker said.
“God has come to our rescue. The battle is not won yet. But we will overcome,” she added.
Workers of Aero Contractors went on strike on March 13 over poor conditions of service and plan by the management to outsource jobs.
The airline was grounded for two weeks after management dismissed more than 655 workers in one day and began recruiting new staff.
The workers have been called back after the court’s intervention, and the airline started full flight operations on Tuesday this week.

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