KUALA LUMPUR: It is understood, locals Solomon beaten when he was with another friend came to the site in Kampung Batu Muda, Jinjang at 6.45 pm to help a friend who was involved in an accident between a car Proton Wira boarded them with a motorcycle and a truck.

It is understood, almost 100 local residents surrounded the vehicle and hit acts from Nigeria involved.

Sentul district police chief ACP Zakaria Pagan said he received information regarding a fight involved at 6.45 pm and rushed to the scene found four men before being beaten while two women and two children from Nigeria, not harmed.

He said four patrol car unit (MPV) were deployed to the scene to break up the fights involved.

“We managed to extricate the victim and his friends a few minutes later and took them to the police station to make a report Jinjang over the incident.

“At that time, the victim is seen only suffered minor injuries and police would like to take evidence as victims, all of a sudden he collapsed and lost consciousness,” he told reporters at a press conference at the police station forecourt Jinjang yesterday.

Zakaria said he then connects ambulance arrived at 7:20 the night before the victim was pronounced dead.

“The victim is a student of a private college was 29 years old and believed to be the cause of early death due to internal bleeding in the head.

“His body was sent to Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) for post-mortem and the case was being investigated under Section 302 of the Penal Code for murder,” he said.

He said the truck driver involved in the accident had made ​​a police report but the motorcycle rider has yet to do so.

“Further investigation is underway to find out the actual incident occurs causing the outbreak,” he said.

By tmediablog


  1. indian gangster can be handle with just small cult boys in Nigeria …just one day we must surely revenge …. a singer from our church that you people killed

  2. We no longer have regard. Even our President is not doing anything to stop this innocent killing of Nigerian.

    • get lust ass whore ,who teach how to speak English or do you use Google to translate this?…fool .cos your country people only remain in your country no traveling …. illiterate country …God will punish you and your generations…idiot

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    • What a fallacy…Malay power.. may God punish you and never forgive you for the act and statement you have made…Since what happen over the death of an innocent young boy is good for you…I pray that may you never move out of your country in life till you die for the premature death that is on your way waiting for you…..And may non of your relations,Friends,generation to be born never return in life in any country they are or travel to or have any peace of mind since this is good for you and you most have it in return in million ways….You are nothing but a foolish Malaysian… Mathematical set of an idiot..,Stupidious engronomous enbesil….Rapidicous illiterate and a fancy coward..I really know how to treat people like you and bet me what will befall on you some days to come..You most surely say***HAD I KNOW***May the spirit of the Innocent Solomon disturb your life any where you go and to those who contributed to his death…You have no carrier…Not learned enough to compare with the dead man or any African man at any view.. Your existence to this world and to the foolish country Malaysia is totally a wast because when you die soon there will be no regret over your death and it will be like a death of a fowl…When someone like you is been brought to Nigeria or any African country children will take you as a goat because you can never introduce yourself with English despite as little as its…You are using Google translations to write the five words you know..**GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY**If you can think then go back and think over your statement and ratify if this is a country or been regarded in any part of the world…Fool and i strongly pray over this for his spirit to pursue you forever and ever…Stupid Malay power you called yourself..The little ones who are able to speak and write English here try to ask then how come if not the the Nigerians and Africans here in Malaysia..BASTARD YOU..(Son/daughter of a bitch)

    • Malu sahaja to admid yourself as a Malay/Muslim. Power? May Allah bless you for your comment by revealing the same words to your family bila condition yang ssama occur to you. People that you say bring problem, orang yang mati tu ada bukti dia bawa masalah. Org melayu paling byk buat jenayah kat Malaysia ni takkan u nak conclude all malay are troublesome. Kalau Mat Pit/Mat rempit mostly org melayu jarang nampak India/Cina merempit atau anak melayu mencui sbb dadah. Bila org kita pukul sampai mati. Boleh kita kata sbb dah biasa melayu mcm tue, Kalau kena adik beradik kau/anak2 kau ape agak ko rase??? Byk2 istighfar, Allah ttp mendengar sekalipun kebencian yg terbuku di hati.

  3. MALAY POWER . You mean Nigerians should go back to their country ?..hmmmm from your comment i can see you are the world greatest fool ever existed . someone lost his life and you are there giving your stupid racist comment .
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    • Brother in every race there are good and bad people….. So dont bring the whole indian community in this issue….we do feel this is brutal……hope the person who murderd brother solomon will get his punishment…..

  4. The Malays race are good, Chinese also…But Indians are the common criminals, arm robbery and gangsters, we found in every part of Malaysia states…..Malaysia Government need to talk them to stop this killing act, else we are going to revenge and you all know what that means… terms of ruggedness, Indian are baby because we all know how they carry out their operation..
    If the Malaysia Government does want bomb blast in this country in a short time, the killer of Solomon must be brought to book else.

    • So meaning to say that in your malay and chinese community all are good….how dare you say that all indians are criminals….. I do agree that there are alot of indian idiots doing this kind of things but you got no right to bring the whole community in this…..

  5. sometimes i wonder what this scumbags who call themselves Indian gangsters see themselves as,the worst set of tribe i have ever seen that worships their women.have they in any ramification better than we blacks?
    do they see themselves as white?
    or do they think that they are superior?
    earnestly speaking,this question baffles me a lot on how they treat their fellow blacks and migrants as well..if it is done hand to hand,an Indian man can never defeat a black man.
    we have had enough of this and the so called Nigerian embassy here is doing nothing to put an end to this inhumane and barbaric act.its obvious that we have no embassy here in Malaysia and most part of the world because those appointed to speak for their citizen all over the world,always go for their selfish interest and when it comes for them to show that they are meant for the people,they happens to be no where to be found.
    bet me,Malaysian Government and their law they say is the worst law you can ever imagine and they are not going to do anything on this issue.
    someone was beaten and instead of the police to rush him to hospital for medical treatment,they went to their station for report of the incidence,will a dead man make a police report?
    if the Malaysian Government are tired of blacks in their country,what the hell is stopping you people to close down your embassy in African countries and put an end to this diplomatic relationship?
    do you know the amount of money you people are generating from blacks via academic level?
    no job for them and they are not complaining and still yet,you people still find it difficult to give and extend their student visas
    you don’t want blacks but you indirectly extol money from them and think we blacks are fools…
    coming to the issue of racism,who among us here are supposed to be showing racial abuse,are you people whites?
    do they think and reason better than Nigerians?
    we have been thrown out of buildings and killed many times and labelled it “trying to escape”
    .Who on earth will jump from 14th floor or whatsoever in an attempt to escape?(not even their pets can do that)
    snatching of bags and raping are all fallacies..we have better girls at home to fuck than this your pot belly ladies and women
    its becoming unbecoming and we have had enough of this…if strict measures are not taken to put an end to this incessant killing and abuse of human life…you will dance to our tone
    R.I.P SOLOMON,a Brother in d Jungle

  6. Jude and Darren,I read line to line all you wrote.Its quite pathetic what is happening to you guys in Malaysia.I share ur feelings.This goes to show dt they hv no govt at all.The summary of all these is just Jealousy over ur God-given hardworking nature.Just keep up the spirit and sky is ur limit.Never succumb to intimidation.We Nigerians(Igbos) here in US have proven to them as well dt God made us stronger than them.We are respected and feared cos we are not lazy here.We work out our money while d lazy natives watch us like TV. You guys there should get yourselves organised.Dont fight cos u wl never win them in there land but say no to intimidations,thats ur right.There reasons whatever for killing an able bodied Naija man can never be justified.About Indians,we know how to handle them here.They are lazy set of pple who only take up lazy man’s job here in US while we take the upper positions cos of our hard working.Let me end it here,just get yourselves focused and forge ahead as brothers.May Solomon’s soul rest in peace Amen.

  7. I really am confused about what Malaysians think of us, well i wouldn’t blame them as a whole, The hatred for blacks has always been and will always be forever, the only reason there is hatred towards black race is the fact that we’ve got potential, and the whole world knows this, the world knows if giving an African man the chance we will become the world power, they know this, and that is why the world is fighting Africa with al-quadea and bombing shit, but will shall over come.

    @Malay Power, i understand what is wrong with you Malays started from the top, OGA AT THE TOP, where all are KILLERS, so i wouldn’t blame the ordinary malays for unjustful killings. The Malays don’t travel out of their country, simply because they can’t speak English, they seat here listening to what their govt have to tell them about Nigerians, but they fail to understand that, Malaysian Govt behind is begging Nigerians and the rest of the African continent to go to Malaysia, these they will not tell the citizen, on our stations in Nigeria they advertise the so called MALAYSIA TRULY ASIA. you guys seat in your house get paid by your govt, for every child that is born gets some amount of money, everything is paid for by the govt, this is why you find a lot of obesity, corpulence, stoutness, overweight, heaviness, plumpness, rotundity, portliness, chubbiness, podginess or pudginess, tubbiness, fleshiness, paunchiness, flabbiness all among the uneducated malays

    As for the TAMIL INDIANS (BLACK INDIANS) also known as (PARIAH INDIANS), they are the worst tribe of the Indian community, they feel they are part of Malaysia, little do they know, they are never and will never be a part of Malaysia, as even the govt and the Malaysian community take them as the poorest, with no basic education, they are never included in the budget of Malaysian govt all they do is seat back on a motor cycle, looking for one place or the other to rub people of their belongings and as well kill them with their so called PARANG (CUTLASS).

    My advice to Nigerians is, you are very much educated to be living in the midst of the Uneducated, there are better places to stay where you can mingle with the educated Malaysians rob minds together share ideas about life, instead of living where any moment a huge mob will come at you for no just cause there by killing you.

    SOLOMON, i know you are somewhere resting in peace now, but i promise you the fight for freedom will not and will never be over, we will continue the struggle,

  8. you guys are getting the whole thing wrong . until you guys reason with my post here you would come to understand the reason for this jealous. These asians rats have no dick .they were totally denied the gift of manhood .2inches dick . 3inches , highest 4inches .and their inability to satisfy their women on bed .an average Malay and Chinese and Indian drink 2 liters of sugar every day .they even use their industrial sugar to cook rice .is this not enough reason to show you guys that this people are fools .my brother you are suggesting about removing their embassy from African country .have you seen the kind of mansion they build as their embassy in Nigeria Abuja .which is a total indication that they would never want to leave .see our embassy here in Malaysia .we intentionally erected a small hut here showing that we have not come to stay and we gonna pull is down and leave at any moment .


  9. what is happening in malaysia now oh God where are u ..please help nigeria guys that still leave in malaysia ..

  10. I have been in malaysia for over 6 years before I finally moved to United States of America. I have been a victim before in the hands of Malaysians on things I never knew about. I would want to advice Malaysian Government the way they treat foreigners in their country IS BAD, not only to Nigerians, other foreigners complained a lot in different ways.
    They must not forget, most of the foreign student in Malaysia may/will one day become a President back in their home country, or one of those student may be in a big possition in government in their home country, what did you think will happen when you kill any of his country citizen.
    Like me, it will only take God intervention as a president of my country to know that a Malaysian has kill a citizen of my country and I will let it go, never. We will fight it out, maybe in a bloody way, I wouldn’t mind anything that will happen if I will happen to be the president of Nigeria tomorrow, Malaysian will pay for this killing some day some how,
    This is a little TIP to you all Malaysians, for all you have done to me when I was there, I WILL FIGHT WITH YOU ANYTIME AM IN THE GOVERNMENT OF MY COUNTRY NIGERIA….BE WARN…..IF YOU WILL NOT CHANGE.

  11. i been over there in Malaysia and i have been a victim
    well i’m back now in Nigeria

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