NIGERIA MAN::if the Malaysian authority wanna be fair let them bring the killers to book… iThot the Law states whoever kills shall be killed, under any circumstances… just like they sentenced the 2 Indonesian students to death by hanging for defending themselves against an Armed Robbery Attack…

CHINES MALAY::That is why the crime rate in malaysia is soaring high! the criminals are protected while the citizens is being sentence to the “LAW” …..more up date coming soon

By tmediablog


  1. it is too much for the Malaysian why? why?? every time do they enjoy killing Nigerians? my government is the one to causing and allowing them our embassy cant do a thing.

  2. Uche , we do no enjoy killing nigerians . Trust me , most of Malaysian are not agreed with this gangsterism act , beating people on the street . Even most Malaysian condemn this act . Such people that beat Deceased Solomon , are low minded people . They enjoy the thrill beating people and act heroic when actually they are no close to being good . I am saying sorry from my dear heart for the act of our fellow Malaysians . Lets pray police will catch them and put them in jail . My prayers and thoughts are with the family . I hope Mariam will be strong and David will grow up strong too .

  3. why like this ?? is brutal act , why no citizen and people stop that act,pity the wife and son, so many Indonesian also die in Malaysia ,am Indonesian and i been in Malaysia so many time with my husband from African ,the real Malay people and malay Chinese are not rude they are so friendly,the Malay people face just like us Indonesian ,but the mix one …………Malay most of them rude .

    • Hi jeff…its not all the malaysians killed solomon…..whoever did this must punish them….we do feel sad and it happened in malaysia….

  4. May the Good God give fortify to your family and friends.. May your soul rest in peace.. Oops.. @A malaysian… Did you wrote catch dhem and put dhem in jail.. Mmmmmh could dhat be a justice or injustice..???

  5. sometimes i wonder what this scumbags who call themselves Indian gangsters see themselves as,the worst set of tribe i have ever seen that worships their women.have they in any ramification better than we blacks?
    do they see themselves as white?
    or do they think that they are superior?
    earnestly speaking,this question baffles me a lot on how they treat their fellow blacks and migrants as well..if it is done hand to hand,an Indian man can never defeat a black man.
    we have had enough of this and the so called Nigerian embassy here is doing nothing to put an end to this inhumane and barbaric act.its obvious that we have no embassy here in Malaysia and most part of the world because those appointed to speak for their citizen all over the world,always go for their selfish interest and when it comes for them to show that they are meant for the people,they happens to be no where to be found.
    bet me,Malaysian Government and their law they say is the worst law you can ever imagine and they are not going to do anything on this issue.
    someone was beaten and instead of the police to rush him to hospital for medical treatment,they went to their station for report of the incidence,will a dead man make a police report?
    if the Malaysian Government are tired of blacks in their country,what the hell is stopping you people to close down your embassy in African countries and put an end to this diplomatic relationship?
    do you know the amount of money you people are generating from blacks via academic level?
    no job for them and they are not complaining and still yet,you people still find it difficult to give and extend their student visas
    you don’t want blacks but you indirectly extol money from them and think we blacks are fools…
    coming to the issue of racism,who among us here are supposed to be showing racial abuse,are you people whites?
    do they think and reason better than Nigerians?
    we have been thrown out of buildings and killed many times and labelled it “trying to escape”
    .Who on earth will jump from 14th floor or whatsoever in an attempt to escape?(not even their pets can do that)
    snatching of bags and raping are all fallacies..we have better girls at home to fuck than this your pot belly ladies and women
    its becoming unbecoming and we have had enough of this…if strict measures are not taken to put an end to this incessant killing and abuse of human life…you will dance to our tone
    R.I.P SOLOMON,a Brother in d Jungle

  6. Let the will of The almighty Creator be done….Rest in peace our beloved brother..Mr (SOLOMON) May God in his infinite mercy grant your soul a perfect rest in his bosom… According to an author of a government opinion writer,,,***Power is the capability of a person to control the action of others*** I am writing directly to Malaysian government in particular with a heart full of PAINS..HURTFULNESS..ANGER and HEARTBROKEN ,,,Do you people think that Malaysian citizens don’t travel to other countries or do you think that all this killings of innocent citizens of Africans in Malaysia will only end up in stories….Please i will like this government to take a look about the history of (BOKO HARAM) because your government are making boost of the so called Gangstas who only kill a few numbers of people..Because i won’t say if this happen any further but with this recent killing of an innocent young man with a bright future there will be an investment of (BOKO HARAM)here in Malaysia where people dies in Quantum…This killings of Africans here in Malaysia is now countless if there is any history book for that..According to my brother who pest his notification earlier…Why is Malaysian government still giving Africans visa and still allowing the existence of there Embassy in Nigeria and all African countries since they claimed that they are not interested in Nigerians and Africans…I guess we take a step by burning there embassy here in Nigeria and then start our own Gangstas which is(BOKO HARAM)over here in Malaysia because if there should be death we all die together….With one heart of Africa and with the 447 guarding spirit of Africa let apply vergers…..With a heart full of sorrow and bloody tears me and fellow Africans here in Malaysia sympathies with the entire family of Late Mr SOLOMON over the painful and sad departure of there son…And may God in his favor be a comforter to the entire family and those his departure has touched in one way or the other…Rest in peace brother we love you and miss you most…..R.I.P(SOLOMON)

    • My sincere condolences to Onochie Martins Nwankro@Solo’s family and his fellow Nigerian friends for the untimely death .I can see that many Nigerians are angry with the Malaysian government and Indians in Malaysia for the senseless killing of Solo and one can understand their anger in view of him being a young father to a small child.The actions of these lowlife hooligans who killed Solo do not represent the Malaysians nor the Malaysian government and NO Malaysian will condone such a barbaric act on a fellow human being.I am sure there are Nigerians out there who are married to fellow Malaysians and do know what I mean.Let the police investigate and do their job while we pray to GOD for justice.We Malaysians too have our fair share of crimes committed against us by the criminals when we are robbed and assaulted and sometimes murdered during the robbery as you can read it in the papers.There were also many “Onochie Martins Nwankros’” too among Malaysians who paid with their life to these lowlife criminals.
      Deuteronomy 32:35 It is mine to avenge; I will repay. In due time their foot will slip; their day of disaster is near and their doom rushes upon them.”
      Romans 12:19 Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord.
      May His Soul Rest in Peace
      Malaysian Indian

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