A black guy tried to help a friend of his who mistakenly or accidentally hit an Indian man car…He wasn’t even the one who was involved in it he just came to intervene when they wanted to mess with his friend and then he was killed….No matter what religion, race,color or whatever we are we all will face the creator someday. Say no to RACISM!!!

By tmediablog


  1. nna men, Na our stupid government they cause all these rubbish. A government that can not protect the interest of her citizen any where in the world. someone will ask why am i calling the government. Nigeria embassy in Malaysia is a cause to her citizen. if a Nigerian has any problem and comes to the embassy, the stupid people there will rubbish him or her. somethings I wonder if the people at the embassy are of the same country with me but they will not hesitate to extort money from us. if your father no treat you well, your neighbors will not regard you. this is what is happening in Malaysia and other countries in the world. R.I.P Solomon, R.I.P wise Man. GOD of vengeance will give you justice. to all the embassies of Nigeria across the world, if you do not change your ways and start being good to us. your family members and yourself will face worst death than his.

  2. Na wa oooo, i wonder how we go dey hustle for ourself, problem go dey come from no where, and even the people wey sey dem be Government no feet talk for us……. Rubbish Nigerian government..

  3. They should have extended or brought the rioting to the door steps of the Nigerian Embassy. They are in the best position to take up this case to a reasonable level. This will go a long way in controlling the excesses of the stupid, arrogant, envious, jealous and irrational so called local compatriots and as well be a deterrent to anyone who would ever nurture such terror against a fellow being, irrespective of who is involved. IT CAN HAPPEN TO ANYBODY SO THE SOONER WE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT THE BETTER.

  4. To all my fellow Nigerians, home and abroad, we don’t have Government,we only have God. If you like run away from God.I rest my case.

  5. GOD of vengeance will give you justice over anybody that have hand in your death…R.I.P BIG BROTHER..

  6. fuck you all. their need to start with the fucking, so called police Malay that was there at incident. 2nd, every citizen of Nigeria is allow to bomb or to attack embassy at any giving time. regarding the so called Indians. i don’t really know what to say to those stupid set of human. this country is Malaysia not India most Indians here didnt have ic they are just here rubbishing their life with frustration, till tomorrow chines men are still the best in Malaysia.

  7. Comment from GH Ghana, we have given the Nigerian Government 48hrs to take action on this matter if not, what happen to the innocent boy who has gone to look for his greener pasture in Malaysia and get killed will happen 2 each and every one of their children were eva they may be no matter the security the think they may have for them self and there children they will all die the same way. fuck Nigerian gov.

  8. Dear Nigerians,

    This is a time to stand up. We need to all stand up together and fight for our rights here in Malaysia. Let’s sign petitions, ask our church leaders to talk to the Embassador and strike against the responsible authority in Malaysia. This can’t continue like that and our situation will not improve. Some Nigerian activist could come up, assemble all the Nigerian citizens in Malaysia and protest and fight. Not only Nigerians are affected but all African looking people, because they are mistaken for a “Nigerian”.

    Not every Nigerian is bad. We have bad eggs everywhere but this pathetic incident should also be a motivation to change our reputation in Malaysia. Everyone should make a change for good. We don’t like to integrate ourself, that makes it even harder. We are born in our community, live in our community and die in our community. Will that work ion a foreign country? We want greener pasture, are we not making our lives harder?!??

    We are guests in this country, let’s play by the Country’s rules. We have to respect the Malaysian culture, we don’t need to ACCEPT but to RESPECT it.
    Are Malaysians noisy? No, we are. Are Malaysian ladies dressing exposed? No, many of our women are dressing inapproprietly(beside Chinese). Would Malaysians get drunk and naked themselves? No, they won’t but we sometimes do. Would Malaysians party all night in their house for every floor to hear? No, never heard about that but we do. Are Malaysian men impregnating our ladies? No, but we do impregnate Malaysian ladies. Would Malaysians drink alcohols on the streets? No, we do. Do Malaysians shout? Never heard about that but we shout if we want to talk. Are Malaysians into fraudulence? Some might be but we are the experts. Do Malaysians live purposeful? I believe they do. Do we know the word “Purpose” at all?
    If we would we won’t allow our destiny to be wasted in Malaysia.

    C’mon let’s make a change. If the Embassador will se that change he’ll definately stand in for us as Nigerian citizen. We will have jobs and work and contribute more positively to the Malaysian society.

  9. hmmm its such a pitty to see fellow blacks dying endlessly for no reason by the way if not for Nigerians and Chinese what do Malaysian and indians have…nothing even in my country they were chased away by our president thunder will strike them all useless half cooked bustards

  10. I m a msian but I m not racist. I suggest all the Nigerians in Msia formed an association and with that association you can handle all your problems. My prayers are with you all. Stand firm and God will be with you.

  11. Hmmmm…..Don’t know what to say cos am still not feeling happy about this.Am a Nigerian and i am also living right here in Malaysia and there is nothing that this dirty Indians will do that will make us to be afraid, instead we are getting more courage and bold.I am proud to be a Nigerian and will always be a Nigerian in my next…Note this:One day a Nigerian will rule this country Malaysia….you will see it come to pass sooner or letter….GOD BLESS THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA AND HER CITIZENS AMEN!!!

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